Ronnie Purcella owns a pest control service that kills more prairie dogs than any other along the Front Range because he is the lowest bidder. Ronnie is ruthless and takes pleasure in these kills. He kills numerous non-targeted species with his favorite poison of choice, Fumitoxin. Ronnie was the killer of the Castle Rock Mall prairie dogs, has been hired by Denver Water, has killed key colonies in Longmont and Boulder and kills thousands of animals each year. Ronnie also claims to love animals and to be guided by Christian morals. Ronnie and other pest exterminators should not be legally permitted to ruthlessly kill the last of our wildlife communities.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW):

​State Wildlife Officials play a huge role in the poisoning of prairie dogs and countless other wildlife species throughout Colorado. Not only do they poison prairie dogs and non-targeted species throughout the region with harmful poisons, they also are at war with predators such as mountain lions and bears in this state. CPW prides themselves on “trophy” animals and they cater to sports hunters since a lot of their funding comes from this industry. CPW facilitates pest control specialists and encourages the use of fumitoxin and other harmful poisons that are administered across Colorado’s prairies.