People of Red Mountain Statement Against Lithium Nevada’s So-Called Collaboration Process With Thacker Pass Concerned Citizens

The People of Red Mountain have delivered the following statement to Thacker Pass Concerned Citizens (TPCC) and to CDR Associates:

Atsa koodakuh wyh Nuwu (the People of Red Mountain) is a committee of Fort McDermitt Paiute and Shoshone tribal members that has formed to stop Lithium Nevada Corp.’s (Lithium Nevada) proposed Thacker Pass open pit lithium mine. We, and our allies, condemn the so-called collaboration process happening between Lithium Nevada, Thacker Pass Concerned Citizens, and Collaborative Decision Resources Associates (CDR). As the original peoples of this land and the only legitimate decision-makers about what happens on this land, we are completely opposed to Lithium Nevada’s proposed mine. We are also completely opposed to discussions about mitigating the mine’s harms. The only acceptable resolution to discussions with Lithium Nevada is the complete cancellation of the Thacker Pass project.

On April 6, 2021, with no input from the native people whose sacred lands would be destroyed in Thacker Pass, Thacker Pass Concerned Citizens agreed to allow Lithium Nevada to hire CDR at a cost of $72,000 to facilitate a discussion with Thacker Pass Concerned Citizens about the mine. On May 11, 2021, again with no input from the native people whose sacred lands would be destroyed in Thacker Pass, CDR representatives Jonathan Bartsch, James Hess, and Emily Zmak were introduced to Thacker Pass Concerned Citizens. These representatives explained that their goal is to minimize the mine’s risks. Lithium Nevada is not willing to discuss canceling the project.

This process is unacceptable and illegitimate. It is a public relations stunt by Lithium Nevada designed to insulate the corporation from claims that they are disregarding local opposition to the Thacker Pass mine. Lithium Nevada has no intention of respecting the wishes of native people who are opposed to the mine regardless of whether or not risks are minimized. We do not want a slightly mitigated mine; we want no mine.

We know that most members of Thacker Pass Concerned Citizens do not want this mine, either. But, most of those members are participating in this faux facilitation process because they’re resigned to the mine happening. The movement to stop the Thacker Pass mine is growing. We can join together to stop the mine.

We call on Thacker Pass Concerned Citizens to pull out of the facilitation agreement with Lithium Nevada and CDR, to state publicly and unequivocally their desire that no mine be built in Thacker Pass, and to support the original peoples of this land in their efforts to stop the Thacker Pass open pit lithium mine.


The People of Red Mountain