On June 15, 2021 during the live presentation portion of the phone banking event, Will Falk talked about why the Thacker Pass Lithium Mine project is a racist project, and provided an update on the most recent legal status of the project, and the resistance to this project. The video below is a recording of his presentation.

You can call Secretary Deb Haaland at the Department of the Interior anytime, multiple times, to leave a message asking her to rescind the permit for this project. You can get a call script and call in information here.

Protect Thacker Pass needs to make another fundraising push. Camp has been steadily growing, requiring more gear and supplies. We’ve been hosting more and bigger gatherings and traveling to events away from camp. Most importantly, as the possibility that we will need to engage in direct action to prevent Lithium Nevada from desecrating cultural sites and artifacts approaches in July, we will need funds for bail and legal defense. If you can’t make it up to Peehee mu’huh (Thacker Pass), donating is a great way to help! Thank you!


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