We want to share your story.

DGR News Service covers a wide range of contemporary issues from left and ecological perspectives, with a focus on ecology, feminism, anti-racism, indigenous issues, revolutionary strategy, imperialism, and civilization. We have a special emphasis on resistance, so please attempt to tie all submissions to that central theme.

Read our website for a sense of content and style. We are committed to publishing intellectually rigorous writing. But we strongly prefer articles in everyday language.

What We Publish

News, opinion, interviews, analysis, art, poetry, first-hand stories, and multimedia. We are especially interested in material that provides useful skills and practical knowledge for organizing and resistance. Longer pieces are acceptable, but may be split into multiple parts. Serialized content is welcome.

Style Guidelines

Most online readers scan or speed-read. They have short attention spans. Reading from a screen is not as comfortable as reading print. Therefore

1. Don’t use big words unnecessarily.

2. Keep sentences and paragraphs short, and use sub-sections.

3. Back up statements and claims with facts and evidence.

4. Use hyperlinks for citations.

5. Show, don’t tell.

6. Use active instead of passive voice.

Submission Guidelines

  • Images: You may include an image with your submission. If you have an image of your own (i.e. a photograph you own the copyright to) you’d like us to use for the story, that’s great! Please do not send us images to use that you do not own the copyright to. Or you can include a creative commons image. Be sure to also a link to the source. Be aware that we may not use your image.
  • Multimedia: videos, audio, Tweets, and other media are strongly encouraged.
  • Bio: Please provide us with your name  or alias and a bio.
  • Editing: We may edit your piece slightly for clarity and typos. We will contact you if substantive edits are needed.
  • Submit to: newsservice@deepgreenresistance.org


  • Read about security culture.
  • Do not share anything that incriminates you or anyone else.
  • We generally do not unpublish published pieces.
  • Consider removing EXIF data from photos you took yourself. Cell phone photos may include precise GPS coordinates unless you have turned off this “feature.”

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