America Still Colonizing at Thacker Pass

by Justin McAffee for The Desert Guardian

June 2, 2021

Nearly 2 billion acres of land have been stolen from Native Americans within the territorial boundaries of the United States alone. The genocide, massacres, Trail of Tears, confinement to reservations, boarding schools, children separated from their families, and missing and murdered indigenous women and girls is the legacy of American colonization. So what’s a few thousand acres more desecrated at Thacker Pass? That appears to be the bipartisan attitude of the United States government.

Today, America outsources its colonizing to corporations. It is couched in the more palatable terms of economic development and even renewable energy, but it is the same old same old. It is European cultural values being enforced at the end of a gun to the detriment of indigenous society and culture, and to the natural world.

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